Friends donations

The Friends, together with the teachers and staff at the school, aim to organise a number of events throughout the school year that provide fun and entertainment for the children and parents, whilst raising funds for the school.

We have been a very successful team of fund raisers over the years and with the help and support of the teachers and staff we have raised money for such things as:

    10 mini iPads with applications
    Maintenance of the Trim Trail
    Partly funded the new climbing equipment and all-weather play area
    Playground shelter/outside classroom
    Bike and scooter shed
    Maths equipment
    Reading books for the Library
    Reading books for the classrooms
    Dictionaries and thesauruses
    Interactive whiteboards for all the classrooms
    SATS breakfasts
    Science dome
    Outdoor climbing wall
    Musical instruments
    Leavers gifts
    KS1 Christmas book gifts
    KS2 class games
    Probots and Beebots
    The play shed